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Inspiration & Celebration

Americans are so blessed ... 

Liberty, Freedom, Truth, Equality, Empowerment ... and so much more ... it's all very on fleek!

Loud & Proud

Today's kids have a lot to be proud of. Our country, our people, and what we stand for. In Order to form a more perfect Union ... Shout it from the rooftops!

Appreciation & Gratitude

Gratitude is a common trait amongst happy & successful people. Show yours and tell us "Why do I Love America?" We can't wait to hear from YOU!

The Back Story

All America is a family. Like any family, we share common values. It helps, sometimes, to reflect on the things we share.

Beginning in 2019, the All American Freedom Awards will launch. It is a live show that will also be broadcast on TV (and simulcast on radio). It is, perhaps, best thought of as an “Academy Awards” for freedom. The awards show is 100% all-American and COMPLETELY non-political.

The show will feature numerous categories with nominees in each category and a winner will be chosen from the nominees. In between each award, the show will feature stunning musical performances. The All American Freedom Awards will make all Americans proud!

The essay contest is a stand-alone contest, but will likely become one of the categories for the show. The winner(s) will be invited on stage to accept their awards! How cool is that?! There might be something even cooler ... The pre-show VIP red carpet event. Except this will be a red, white and blue carpet!

So, here's your chance ... enter the "Why Do I Love America" essay contest and you could be famous:)


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