$1,000 GRAND PRIZE!!! Open to kids grades K-12 ... Sponsored, in part, by Walmart

Official Rules


Important Rules (please read):

  1. No purchase necessary.
  2. The essay, poem or drawing must be written by the student, it must be original and it must be approved and submitted by the parent or guardian.
  3. All grades may write an essay or poem. However, grades K through 2nd grade may enter by drawing a picture instead.
  4. The essay or poem must be 400 words or less.
  5. You can write or type your essay or poem ... Anything hand-written should be CLEARLY legible.
  6. You may include short passages or quotes (with attributions), but everything else must be your original work.
  7. All submissions become the property of the All American Freedom Awards / Pop Media Network who retains the right to publish, promote all or part of the submission in any or all formats and mediums for perpetuity.
  8. Only one (1) entry per student.
  9. Winners will be decided in the absolute sole discretion of the All American Freedom Awards/Pop Media Network.
  10. Official rules may change at the sole discretion of the All American Freedom awards/Pop Media Network.
  11. Certificates of Participation will be sent via email.
  12. *The Grand Prize will be awarded to the one best entry, provided that the contest receives at least 100 entries. 

Submission Guidelines

1. Entries may be submitted in one of three ways: 1. Through the contact form on this website. 2. Via email to PopMedia411@gmail.com. 3. Via regular postal mail to Pop Media Network, 1083 N Collier Blvd., Unit 404, Marco Island, FL 34145. 

Included with the essay, poem or drawing, the parent or guardian must submit their name, address, phone number and email, along with student's full name, age, school of attendance, current grade at date of submission.


The deadline is April 1, 2020. Submissions received after April 1, 2020 will not be considered.


There will be one winner in each grade, plus one grand prize winner. Prizes will be awarded in the form of a Walmart Gift Card (unless otherwise indicated):

Kindergarten ... $   50

1st Grade ........ $    50

2nd Grade ....... $    50

3rd Grade ........ $ 100

4th Grade ........ $ 100

5th Grade ........ $ 100

6th Grade ........ $ 200

7th Grade ........ $ 200

8th Grade ........ $ 200

9th Grade ........ $ 250

10th Grade ...... $ 400

11th Grade ...... $ 400

12th Grade ...... $ 500

GRAND PRIZE ......$1,000.00

Prizes may be substituted for equal or greater values.


The cash prize winners will be announced on this website and in other mediums determined by Pop Media Network.

Enter Here ...

Or, you can email to: PopMedia411@gmail.com

Or, you can send via regular mail to:

Why do I love America

1083 N Collier Blvd, #404, Marco Island, FL 34145, US

(239) 450-3000